You are made up of Star dust! 

We as humans have this hard wired tendency that makes us over estimate the capabilities of others and under estimate our own selves! 

What for! 

Trust me on this, no one has any clue of what is going on in their own lives, let alone the lives of others. We are all at the mercy of the randomness of the Universe! 

Yeah. That is how insignificant we are in the broader scheme of things, even if some time from now, we by some grace of something undefinable turn out to be Nikola Tesla or Elon Musk! 

Having said that, let us not forget that we are all made of stardust! We all have a lil magic inside us!

Yes, you shiny priceless creature. You are a god damn star! And you have magic within you. 
So, laugh out louder!

Love a lil harder.

And don’t take life too seriously, you wont come alive out of it anyways! 

Peace ! 
Somya ❤
PS: This post is for you paridhi :*

Dreams come true, Yes they do! ♡

Today’s post is about encouraging everyone to follow your heart and persue your dreams! 

You can achieve whatever you want regardless of where you are and what you have! 

Yes! Really! Totally! 

I have given myself excuses like ..

I can’t do this because I am not young /old enough.. because I don’t have the requisite finance .. because I don’t have a degree yet .. because I have orange trees in my backyard and not apple trees! 
But once I stopped doubting myself and put my energy to fuel my dreams instead of my fears .. I did this! 

Yes, this was a long due dream. 

But now, Done and Dusted. 

Smashed the shit out of this goal *grins*

Do give it a read, let me know how you like it 🙂
Much Love + respect


The one thing we can control ..

In anything and everything thing we do, the one thing that is within our control is effort. And effort is Sexy !

Effort usually is seen as struggling, which is again a not so postive thing according to many. I mean who wants to struggle? Not many of us. 

But struggling is sexy. Brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something. And struggling makes you break those walls and reach your goals. You win not when you achieve what you want to, but you win in the process of struggling. Struggle makes us a better person. 

Instead of investing our resources and energy into achieving results which is certainly beyond our control, let us invest our heart, mind and soul into something that is. 

Do your best, to God leave the rest. 

Lies Suck!

I hate lies. I know nobody likes being lied to, but I detest and abhor being lied. I am honest and sometimes brutally so, with the people I love and consider an important part of my life. Is it wrong to expect the same thing of them? 

Is it so hard to speak the truth? 

Please do not lie guys. Even if it is to protect people from getting hurt or as the saying goes, ‘in the grander scheme of things’ or for whatever God darn reason. Lying doesn’t protect people, it betrays them. There I said it. I mean seriously, is the world going crazy? Who shows their love by telling lies about stuff? How do you expect any sort of a relationship to work out if you are not even honest with each other? I mean really. Trust is the pre requisite for anything and I mean anything to work out!

Lies suck. 

You know that a murderer will kill you, a thief will steal from you and a con will fool you. But you never know where you stand with a liar. 

Kill me with honesty anyday. That’d be a nice way to go ❤

The hard way!

Some lessons in life are learned the hard way. Seriously. One such lesson that i have learned of late is – mind your own effing business. 

Seriously, keeping your nose in your own business doesn’t take much but can save you from a lot of trouble. 

Now, i am not a person from some gossip girl chick flick who likes to know about whats going on in everyone’s life and then gossip about the same  but i certainly care about whats going on in a friend’s life (i have many) and i volunteer help more than that is necessary. 

So, none of that anymore. 

My mantra for life now is – mind your own darn business. 


Keep getting better!

One of the few early morning realisations that I had today is – we can always keep getting better. 

No matter where we are, with whom we are or with what we have, there is always something new that we can learn and there is always something we can keep getting better at. 

We like to keep the latest versions of androids and ios with ourselves but how many of us actually try being the upgraded versions of ourselves?

Its really important to just keep on learning and being better than what we were a day before. 

The best project that we can work on is ourselves, its our smartest investment cause at the end of the day all you will have is you! ♡
Lots of love

Somya 🙂